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Kosher Mobile has direct integrations with the TOP 2 major carriers, which allows us to offer the premier cell phone and customer service experience.
We specialize in offering Kosher cell phones, with a vast array of filtering options that will more than meet your needs. We remove all browsers and access to the internet on all of our devices, which even a factory reset cannot bypass. When you contact Kosher Mobile you are contacting a highly specialized team that truly understands the dangers of technology, in today’s world, and can provide you the tools and peace of mind to make sure that you and your family are as protected as possible.

In addition to our Filtered devices, we are also the service provider. This puts us in the best position possible to protect you and your family on the device as well as at the service level. This offers a double layer protection from the filtered phone, and from a service standpoint, that the bigger carriers just do not understand.

Kosher Mobile now offers a Waze only device protected by our Kosher Mobile app. We have the ability to remove all of the apps on a smart phone to make it into a Waze only device to provide Real-Time traffic updates, while still protecting you and your loved ones from the dangers of technology. If you would like the Waze only device to be able to do a little more, we can also add on the camera, email, and a few additional approved apps as well, such as banking(Chase, Santander,etc..), grocery(Gourmet Glatt), or even Smarlist, just by selecting our Waze plus plan.

So if you are interested in a wireless provider that can give you these benefits, you should seriously consider giving Kosher Mobile a try.

  • Browser Free!
  • High-Definition VoLTE Calling
  • Need a talk only phone?  We’ve got you covered!
  • Need the camera disabled? We’ve got you covered!
  • Waze only devices? We have that!
  • Waze only devices, but want to check email, banking info, or browse Smartlist? We can do that too!
  • Need the flexibility of multiple carriers? We offer the service on the top 2 major networks in the country.
  • There really isn’t much that we can’t do.  Put us to the test, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

What Customers Say

Want a new phone or like your current one? No worries, either way we’ve got you covered.

Our Customers Say...
I love Kosher Mobile because it’s convenient and I love the direct payment process! I have never had any issues or problems! I will remain a loyal customer!
Jonathan Touyen
Trustworthy people
He was super helpful in changing phone companies. Great dealing with an honest, person that actually takes an interest in your satisfaction.