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FIG Mini X

  – 8MP Camera 

– 3GB of Ram & 32Gb Storage 

– Comes with Backup Battery! 

– 2.83 IPS touch screen


Turn Off Texts
You can choose to block text messages OR remove the text message app altogether
You can choose  Talk Only; Talk and Text; Talk, Text and MMS plans; or Waze only phones
Browser Free Options
We remove the browser on ALL of our phones. Even when factory reset, the filter still remains in place

Pornography & Explicit Content

It is estimated that the number of predators online today, luring and grooming children for future abuse is 500,000. The average age of when kids are exposed to pornography is 11.

NO Social Media

Social Media is the most common place that a child will be exposed to explicit content. 43% percent of teens reported that they feel pressure to post content that makes them look good.


1 in 3 kids will become a victim of Cyberbullying, and over 50% of teens witness cyberbullying regularly.

Samsung Knox Protection

With the Kids Safe phone, your child will not develop the typical addiction that comes when provided access to a typical smartphone

NO Messaging

We have the ability to remove all messaging from the device if needed.

Screen Time

With the Kosher Mobile Kosher phone, you or your child will not develop the typical smartphone addiction that comes when provided access to a typical smartphone.

Pre-installed with the Basics

All the basics come standard on each device. Making sure that you have access to all the necessities required for communication, with out distractions and pitfalls a typical smartphone would include.  Providing your family and you a distraction free kosher phone, with all the basics. 

Want to further restrict access to even some of the basics?

We are able to remove even the simplest of features of the device. Don’t want access to the camera at all device? We can remove the camera feature all together. Don’t want the ability for videos to be played? We can remove the feature of video playback on the device as well.

Why Choose Us?

You can…

Customize Your Phone & Plan
Bring Your Existing Device
Choose Your Network

You get…

Friendly Customer Service
Convenient LOCAL Presence
Peace of Mind

What Customers Say

Want a new phone or like your current one? No worries, either way we’ve got you covered.

Our Customers Say...
I love Kosher Mobile because it’s convenient and I love the direct payment process! I have never had any issues or problems! I will remain a loyal customer!
Jonathan Touyen
Trustworthy people
He was super helpful in changing phone companies. Great dealing with an honest, person that actually takes an interest in your satisfaction.
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